About Us

 The Jewel Elité was conceived from a profound vision and desire to share confidence, sparkle, beauty, and radiant shine to women through our jewellery with simplicity in our designs and elegant touches on our gemstones. Pieces are minimal and can be combined in both everyday life and special occasions.


Most of our jewels are handpicked by us and some of them are custom designs

The brand is based in London and it’s the result of dedication and hard work. Created with women in mind, each piece is designed to enhance the wearer's experience. With aesthetic roots to minimalism and everything that sparkles our jewels are created to become a part of yourself and make you feel like the strong, independent woman you are.

Our passionate drive to provide exquisite synthesis of design, material and form while keeping our overall approach on the jewels simple is the proof that we want to share with you nothing less than what we would wear ourselves. The brand imbues each piece with a sense of inspiration that at the end of the day we hope it will put a smile on your face.


Our Cause

Making women feel more empowered and confident about themselves and helping them understand that it’s necessary to take care of themselves without this feeling like a ‘guilty pleasure’.

As great and joyful as it is to spread love to your loved ones and friends by gifting them a jewel, it's equally meaningful to show the same love and attention to yourself and learn how to treat it right.

The inevitable sense of beauty that we all carry is in us; the jewel can only enhance it and add up to something that it’s already there by helping you express it. We believe in the power that a small piece of jewel can hide and how it makes you feel and our purpose is to empower, endure, and uplift each one of our jewellery’s wearers through it.